Collection: Zoe Scott Artworks

Zoe Scott is a Scottish artist & art school graduate who works in concrete. She endeavours to challenge the perceptions of concrete as a brutal, industrial material and to elevate it from the mundane. From her studio she creates collections of work often based on environmental issues, landscape and folklore. The previous collection was titled “This Land of Rocks and Stories” encapsulates myths within concrete. Each piece is hand build over several weeks, allowing layers to dry before applying new layers or removing sections. A variety of techniques are used in each sculpture, each unique. When presented together they encourage interaction and conversation. They are highly tactile and desirable objects. A far cry from concrete brutalism. 

Her latest work focuses on the humanity of climate change, our interactions with the landscape and individual responsibility to protect the world and its inhabitants. This takes the form of small scale concrete and metal structures placed in precarious landscapes. The works names are often traditional phrases which contradict the reality of the sculpture.