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Zoe Scott Designs

Limitless Connectivity

Limitless Connectivity

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Concrete and thread sculpture - Zoe Scott, 2020.

Sits 25cm wide by 17cm tall. 

This sculpture explores the interconnections of humanity. With each other, the landscape we created around ourselves and the world as a whole. 

We are more connected than ever. A video shot by a single person can go viral around the world in minutes. Business deals no longer require long distance travel thanks to digital solutions. And people can share their passions with new found friends on the other side of the globe. 

Every human is connected and interwoven with one another. We are not separate, we are a thousand year old family tree of shades and tones. Each as valid and as valuable as the other. 

We build cities, communities, countries ever expanding, exponentially overlapping what once was. Assimilating as we go. And yet we retain our individuality. Each line stands apart.

Within this delicate concrete shell nestles a series of buildings. They are bound together by one single continuous thread which first encompasses the outer shell in a protective layer. Much like our oceans and icecaps. The thread then punctures the outer surface and turns flesh toned to represent humanity. The thread weaves, winds and tangled together becoming something solid, tangible and complex. The final colour change comes with the red thread. It radiates from the buildings to the inner walls. Representative of action, technology, progress itself. 





The piece conveys fragility, unity and connections. The interwoven history of us all. The complex linear journey of humanity build over and over again. The buildings submerged and re-emerge within the crisscross. Strengthened and revealed by the intersections of thread. It has no visible beginning or end. It is finite and infinite.

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