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Menteith Tiny Bowl

Menteith Tiny Bowl

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Named after the Lake of Menteith, cradled within the scenic Trossachs, is a Scottish masterpiece. Surrounded by lush landscapes, this freshwater gem exudes tranquility, inviting peaceful escapes.

Hand carved outer surface has beautiful flat facets that catch the light and the internal bowl is ultra smooth. Features beautiful little foot to raise from table. Waxed and polished to a soft sheen.
Comes boxed.
Perfect as a ring dish or saving tiny found treasures.

Made by hand in Scotland. Originally hand carved ceramics from which a silicone mould was made allowing exact replication to be made in stunning coloured concrete, all in Zoe’s zero waste rural studio.

Meticulously crafted, each CURED item undergoes a hand-waxing process using a food safe, non toxic eco wax.

90mm x 30mm 50g

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