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Zoe Scott Designs

The Hoy Vase

The Hoy Vase

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Large tall vase features a wide deep cylindrical body with a dramatic rock formation outcrop. Looks stunning alone , filled with a few dramatic branches or a whole bouquet of blooms.

Named after The Old Man of Hoy, a dramatic sea stack rising from the Orkney archipela- go's rugged embrace. Crafted by time and weathered elegance in Old Red Sandstone, it’s a striking testament to nature's sculpting prowess.
Meticulously crafted, each CURED item undergoes a hand-waxing process using a food safe, non toxic eco wax.

Made by hand in Scotland. Originally hand carved ceramics from which a silicone mould was made allowing exact replication to be made in stunning coloured concrete, all in Zoe’s zero waste rural studio.

Comes boxed.
90mm x 50mm 115g

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