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Jura Double Mountain Incense Holder

Jura Double Mountain Incense Holder

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Flat plate with stunning double mountain range. One mountain features a deep hole to hold incense stick or alternatively small branches and dried flowers. Inspired by the majestic double mountain range of Scottish island Jura. Waxed and hand polished to a luxurious sheen. Comes boxed and ready to gift.

Made by hand in Scotland. Originally hand carved ceramics from which a silicone mould was made allowing exact replication to be made in stunning coloured concrete, all in Zoe’s zero waste rural studio.

Named after Jura Mountain, gracing the island of Jura in Scotland, presents a rugged and formidable natural presence. Its towering peaks and untamed terrain define the island's landscape, contributing to the wild and secluded character of this remote Scottish terrain.
Meticulously crafted, each CURED item undergoes a hand-waxing process using a food safe, non toxic eco wax.

150mm x 60mm 455g

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