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Adder Stones Flower Holder Set

Adder Stones Flower Holder Set

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This clever set of minimalist flower holders are the ideal way to display tiny treasures. Comes in 2 sizes, a tiny and a large, both with a series of holes made for fresh cut stems, branches, feathers and dries blooms. When added to a bowl they can be submerged in water for fresh flowers or stand alone. The solid concrete gives them a sturdy weight to ensure nothing tips over.

Made by hand in Scotland. Originally hand carved ceramics from which a silicone mould was made allowing exact replication to be made in stunning coloured concrete, all in Zoe’s zero waste rural studio.

Comes boxed.

Named after Adder stones, naturally occurring stones with holes that are often found near bodies of water. Steeped in folklore, some believe these stones possess protective qualities, adding to their mystery.

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