My Very First Blog!

Welcome to my world, a friendly place full of beautiful things to make you smile.  

I suppose I should start by telling you a bit about me, Zoe Scott, the name on the labels. I’m an artist/maker winging it as a business women as well as a mum. I’ve always created and made things with my hands. I like the feeling of getting stuck into messy projects and exploring the possibilities of materials. I came to concrete quite by accident in a flurry of exploration back in 2017. We had just finished renovating the house, my eldest had started nursery and I needed a project to keep my brain engaged while watch CBeebies with my toddler. So I decided to make some concrete planters for the house. And they were adorable (and more than a bit wonky!).  

I made some more, better ones and people wanted to buy them! And I just kept going. Exploring and learning as I went along, developing new techniques and products. I’ve come along way in 4 years and I am so happy with how it’s all going. My products are stocked in over a dozen independent stores across the UK. I’ve created bespoke items for weddings and I’ve even won an award for my sculptural work! 
I’m a very tactile maker and as a result all my products need to feel as good as they look. I spend a lot of time on the details. All my concrete is sealed, I hate that dusty feeling you get from raw concrete! Depending on the finish I want I either oil seal, varnish or wax. That way I can control how shiny a finish it produces. I love super polished waxed concrete, it has such a beautiful shine and also feels really good! But it means hand applying the wax and then individually buffing each product by hand. When it says handmade I mean it.  



I’m a terrible one for getting bored. But as a maker that is quite useful. It means I’m always thinking about what comes next. What will my next product be? What new colours can I produce and what new material can I use in my designs. I love experimenting with pigments, inks and paint to colour the concrete and glitter, gold leaf and glass to make things shine. A bit of sparkle never made anyone sad! 

My studio is my sanctuary where I can close the door on family life and create. It’s a wild place full of hall finished sculptures, piles of organised chaos with stock in various stages of readiness. And it’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy that I get to make as my job. And I couldn’t do it without the support of all my customers and stockists, so thank you! I hope you find something that makes you smile, that makes you feel good when you have it in your home or wear it out to lunch. Because you deserve to feel special everyday! 

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